Club Snooker

The Club has two full-size snooker tables. We run a snooker league and regular snooker tournaments.

The Club's Snooker Team page is here: Snooker Team and calendar

BSC Snooker Tables
Boxmoor Social Club - Snooker Tables

Club Rules for Snooker

All snooker games other than tournaments and league matches to last a maximum of 30 minutes if someone is on the "Order of Play" waiting list.

Members wishing to play snooker must unless a table is immediately free, enter their names on the "order of play" waiting list and await their turn. On Friday, Saturday and Sundays (daytime) members to play doubles. - (This applies if large number of names on the "Order of Play" waiting list to ensure everyone wishing to play gets an opportunity to do so.

Names should not be entered on the "Order of Play" waiting list unless actually in the club.

Non-members can only play with a Club member.

Children under 14 are not allowed in the snooker area.

To avoid damaging the snooker tables, food, rolls, crisps etc must not be handled or consumed in the snooker table area.

Competitions should not be played on Friday/Saturday evenings.

The Club's Snooker Team play in the Watford & District Billiards & Snooker League.

The Snooker Team's page and calendar is at