Super6 2023 – Club Competition

SUPER6 restarted with the return of the Premiership on Friday 11th August.

This web page will be updated with Super6 news and "Manager of the Month" winners.

Our Super6 league is "THE BSC COLLECTIVE" and so far we have 155 managers signed up and playing!


The Club's Super6 prizes are confirmed as:
1st. £600
2nd. £400
3rd. £200
Manager of the month £20
Highest weekly score at end of season. £100
Fun prize for who comes 77th. £50.

Super6 Week 6

Latest top 12 positions (as at Thursday 21st Sept)


Super6 Week 1

Week 1 SUPER6 deadline Saturday August 12th 3pm

Super6 Week 1 - Aug 12th 3pm