Uptown Funk


04 Dec 2021 Sat



Uptown Funk are back!

Uptown Funk – Are a 5-piece band who are the ultimate party band. They hope to bring a little shot of the old school funk and soul to your evening laced with a considerable amount of dancing.


The band says:

Uptown funk UK are the ultimate party band – get down and get funky !

Since 2016 we’ve been playing pubs, events and festivals bringing those classic grooves to life. We hope to bring a little shot of ‘old school’ funk and soul to your event laced with a considerable amount of dancing!

With over 30 year of playing and more gigs under our ever-growing belts, you’re in safe hands in choosing Uptown funk for your event.

It should also be noted that some of us were actually alive when many of these tracks were first released and we even have the 12 inch versions somewhere in the loft to prove it!

Our prime reason for rekindling a live funk/soul band is so we can relive our early memories of discos, holiday camps, northern soul clubs and festivals from the days before click tracks took the fun out of playing this genre of music. We do hope that comes across from our links and muses.

Uptown Funk

The event is finished.

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