19 - 25 Jul 2021 Mon - Sun

Lockdown Easing – CHANGES


The Club’s committee has announced the following changes, as we get to Step 4 and the lockdown easing:

Members will still be required to enter the Club by using the door card at all times. We will revert back to leaving the Club via the main entrance.

Temperature checks will be carried out by the doorman only if requested.

Social distancing restrictions will end, including the lifting of limits on social contact and the 1m-plus rule removed.

The hand sanitiser dispensers will remain located at the entrance and around the club. We would encourage the use of the hand sanitiser when entering & leaving the toilets.

Whenever possible the staff will continue to sanitise the tables & chairs along with the gaming machines.

Table service will be discontinued allowing you to go back to being served at the bar.

For the time being we will not revert back to using the door cards to qualify for members prices at the bar. (Non-members prices to be put on hold – for now)

Card payments will continue to be the preferred method of payment. Contactless limit £45

It will not be compulsory to wear face masks however on busy days/evenings we encourage you to wear face masks when walking around. Remember, you wear a mask to protect those around you, as well as yourself.

The dance floor will be back for the live entertainment on Saturdays evenings. You may wish to consider the wearing of a face mask.

We will be back to standing in the Club allowing the playing of darts standing at gaming machines or to generally socialise.

The 2 gaming machines will be put back to their normal positions allowing the side bar to be used for service.

We will be back queuing for the selling of Bingo books on Tuesday and Sunday evenings and Play Your Cards Right tickets on Friday evenings

The snooker balls will be put back to the snooker tables. However, we would encourage the use of hand sanitiser before starting a game.

As the guidance moves towards removing the final restrictions, it is important to note that we will be expected to remain aware of the virus and what we can do to stop the spread.

Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise, but with fewer hospitalisations and deaths, it appears the vaccine rollout is working. Please remember – you only have maximum protection from the virus after your second dose.

The Management Committee are welcoming your support and would like you to consider others when in the Club.


Dave, and the Committee

Club Secretary
Boxmoor Social Club


The event is finished.

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