Annual Club Subscriptions

What a crazy and stressful year 2020 was. We all look forward to 2021 and a return to some sort of normal.

Meanwhile we need to keep the Club going, and to collect the member's annual subscriptions.

We encourage members to use the online payment method on our new dedicated subscriptions website.

As a reminder, the annual subscription is still £30. Members who joined pre-2005 and are now 65+ pay £20.

If you know a member that may struggle to pay online, please help them and where possible arrange things for them. To help the admin, please process each member's subscription payment separately.

For those that cannot pay subs online, I will be at the Club to collect any cash payments, which will of course be socially-distanced and contactless. Jan 23rd, 24th, 30th, 31st & 7th Feb (10:30 to 12:00) . The deadline for subscription renewal is Sunday 7th Feb 2021.

We look forward to your continued support.

Thank you.
Club Secretary
Boxmoor Social Club


To pay your annual subs, please visit:

COVID Impact And Situation

Covid has impacted the Club for the last nine months, and we had to make significant changes to keep the Club open and all members and staff safe.

We of course immediately bought additional cleaning materials, PPE for staff, and mounted sanitiser stations in five locations. But additionally amongst many other actions we changed the washroom taps to push type (rather than traditional turn types) in part to minimise finger touch but also to save water.

The Staff changed the table spacing, and removed the stand-up tables and stools. Additionally the team had to set up new table-ordering processes, and the door staff took temperatures on arrival, and we introduced new entry/exit routes, all changes that were well received by members.

Club is financially stable and the budgeting and cost control is managed.  We furloughed Staff at appropriate times, and worked to minimise costs during lockdown wherever possible, whilst of course maintaining the Club's general up-keep and communications with members.

The Club has opened whenever possible whilst maintaining 100% focus on minimise risk to members and Staff, and we created new Club events to encourage Members to visit post-1st-lockdown.  This included new Sunday Bingo and additional Film Afternoons.

Despite all this effort, of course the Club had to close for a number of months this year. Everyone involved in running and supporting the Club, in anxious and keen to get back to the normal -  and to WELCOMING YOU BACK!